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What is a dye-lot? Just like fabrics, each production batch or “dye-lot” of wallcovering may have minor colour variations from other dye-lots.  For a perfect job all your wallcovering should ideally be from the same dye-lot…
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Hanging Prepasted Vinyl

Turn off power to switches and outlets. Draw a vertical guideline (plumb line). Put this approximately 19” away from the corner. Follow label instructions for soaking the rolled strips. Slowly draw out the soaked strip.“Book” the…
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Problems and Solutions

Problem: The paper has developed a rash of blisters.Solution: Leave the paper to soak for the correct time. Check that the paper is evenly and completely pasted. Check that the walls are dry and unaffected by damp, condensation…
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Paper Hanging Best Practice

If you fancy papering your walls, you need to choose the right type of wallcovering, check that you have all the tools and equipment necessary, prepare the wall surface and then hang the paper length by…
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Types of Wallpaper

Most roll wallcoverings are made to a standard size - 10.05m long and about 530mm wide. A few, such as lining paper and woodchip paper (see below) also come in longer rolls. The cheapest patterned wallpaper you…
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Hanging Wallpaper

Pattern matching, cutting and Pasting Turn off power to switches and outlets.Before you start measuring and cutting lengths, check what type of pattern match the paper has. Some have a straight match, some a random match, while…
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